Dallas Mavericks v. Houston Rockets

FINAL SCORE: HOU 100 and DAL 105

My internet isn’t working right now so this is my first time blogging from my phone. ..so lets see how this turns out and forgive me for the lack of pics and videos. I will have to add it when my internet starts back up.

So I watched the first half of this game and then I went to grab dinner. .. and I was only able to catch the last 45 seconds of the game when I came back.

Before halftime, the Rockets were down by about 13 pts and I was so upset for them. I know they are so exhausted with these back to back games and I could understand their lack of energy. So I figured this game would be another loss and that I could afford to miss some of the game to have dinner.

I came back home and it’s now the 4th quarter and only 45 sec left in the game… and the Rockets were only down my 2pts and I was super excited for my boys. Next thing I know Lin was up for a free throw and after he made the basket. .. the Rockets were only down by 1. I started freaking out… like omg…. the Rockets may actually win this one. But then Dirk makes his 2 free throws. And then Lin passes to Parsons and Parsons misses the pass and DAL gets a steal and within the last 25 seconds…. DAL regains the lead and it continues to go downhill for our boys.

Unfortunately, this was Houston’s 5th straight lost. .. however Lin did finish with the last bucket of the game for Houston. I just think they are in a slump because it’s the time of the season when a lot of the players are hurt and tired. I missed most of the game but I’m still glad my boys played hard and managed to make it a 2pt difference within 45 seconds of the game.

If anyone saw the whole game and would like to add any commentary. .. feel free to do so! I’m heading to bed now. … Goodnight ladies! !!


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9 Responses to Dallas Mavericks v. Houston Rockets

  1. Rubielyn says:

    Yeah 5 straight L for the Rockets 😦
    It was a close game in less than a minute in the 4Q though.
    I think the team is kinda tired…
    Most of Jlin’s and Harden’s FT’s made when they are fouled is only 1/2.
    Harden’s 3’s are not falling either.
    In fairness JLin ended with 19pts and the newbie Beverley is a good reliever of him.

    Good night there AnnaK!!

    • Who in the team has actually played as starters before this season? Lin did – before his injury which was in May. They’re hitting the wall – they’re bound to do that at one point.
      Beverly! I really hope he’s that good back-up PG the team needs – ’cause let’s face it, Douglas is more comfortable playing SG and hopefully he can provide relief to Harden.

      Learning curve.

    • ksoranna says:

      I didn’t get to see Beverley play last night but when I saw him debut…I was definitely impressed by him. I hope he continues to play well and like @Fauxy said, that he is a good back up for Lin.

  2. keukey says:

    Reblogged this on keukey's world and commented:
    keep in fight buddies!! you did very well!!!

  3. ic says:

    game highlights Rockets vs Mavs:

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