Is it too soon to relive Linsanity??…No, I don’t think so!! (One Stop Shop for Video Highlights)

I know everyone, including myself, is watching Jeremy Lin highlights over and over again. So for those people who thought they were going Linsane…you are not alone. I know these videos will not be new to anyone who is following this blog, but I figured I would do a post and this way you could find the videos all on one page instead of searching all over the internet for all of them. Today’s post will be straight game highlights and post game interviews (I know there are plenty more, but I just wanted to post what I thought was the best/longest/most clear video). Later on this week, I am going to do a post on Jeremy’s top plays/fan videos, so if there is a particular video that you want me to include in that post, please leave a link to it on my comments and I will be sure to add it to that post.


Game 1 (February 4th): Knicks v. NJ Nets

Final Score: 99-92

Jeremy’s highlights: 25 pts, 5 rebounds, 7 assists

Game 2 (February 6th): Knicks v. Utah Jazz

Final Score: 99-88

Jeremy’s highlights: first career start, 28 pts, 8 assists

Game 3 (February 8th): Washington Wizards v. Knicks

Final Score: 107 -93

Jeremy’s highlights: played against #1 draft pick, John Wall, put in a crowd pleasing dunk, had his first double-double with 23 pts and 10 assists

Game 4 (February 10th): Knicks v. LA Lakers

Final Score: 92-85

Jeremy’s highlights: out scored Kobe Bryant, career high of 38 pts, 7 assists

Game 5 (February 11th): Minnesota Timberwolves v. Knicks

Final Score: 100-98

Jeremy’s highlights: 20 pts, 8 assists, named Eastern Conference Player of the Week after this game

Game 6 (February 14th): Toronto Raptors v. Knicks

Final Score: 90-87

Jeremy’s highlights: that legendary 3pter with less than a second to spare, 27pts, 11 assists

Game 7 (February 15th): Knicks v. Sacramento Kings

Final Score: 100 – 85

Jeremy’s highlights: 10 pts, career high of 13 assists

Watching all of these videos will definitely keep you busy in between work and class…and will probably keep you up at night too LOL 😉 Hope it helps with your Jeremy withdrawal!! I know watching each of these videos definitely made me fall in love with Jeremy all over again!! Enjoy, comment, and please come back to visit often!! (And I appreciate all of my followers…your comments make my day!)


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49 Responses to Is it too soon to relive Linsanity??…No, I don’t think so!! (One Stop Shop for Video Highlights)

  1. Christianne says:

    Oh my geese (a meme from P&T) – I am not going to get anything done today. *sigh*
    Thanks for this, K.

    • ksoranna says:

      LMAO!!! I figured this would occupy you (and other Lin Babies) for a while b/c I don’t think I will be able to do a post for tomorrow. and you are sooo welcome!!

      • Christianne says:

        His brother was at the Jazz game! (after 6:00, he was sitting down, farthest right)

        • ksoranna says:

          ok…now I have an excuse to watch the clip all over again to pay attention and find his brother (this is how I avoid doing real work and “stay busy”) haha!

  2. blue7053 says:

    Super job, K!! And I have something for you.
    You said you would never get to see him unless they played Charlotte. So I sent the following to Jordan via the Charlotte Observer. See what you think. (I know…it’s looooong.)
    To Michael Jordan

    Kobe was right about firing managers who missed Lin. And the technique is not a secret; it’s on the New York Times best seller list! The Oakland A’s won 20 games in 2002. A record. Manager was Billy Beane and Michael Lewis wrote about it. (That’s baseball. You might not know…)

    The old metric for judging players (how high can you jump? how long are your arms? Are you taller than Fisher?) are out. The new metrics are about players like Lin, who want to be part of a team, who get nervous when they’re behind, who ‘go off’ during the final 5 minutes. Check with the 2003 World Champion Florida Marlins and the 2008 American League Champion Tampa Bay Rays.

    More than baseball, basketball is a teiam effort (is there an I in there?) Lin built a team with 4 guys off the bench (Fields, Shump, Novak, Jeffries) and a starter (Chandler). Shump is now Rookie of the Year (something), Novak leads the league with 3 pt. percentage, and Chandler is DPOY and is being compared with Wilt the Stilt (before your time).

    If these guys are a million a piece (4 million), Chandler 10 and Lin 5, (19 million)…THE ENTIRE team is less than one superstar and they have a higher winning percentage than your teiam!

    Kobe was right and it’s not a secret: it’s on the shelf at WalMart for Christ sake.

    Talk to somebody!!!

    Read more here:

    • ksoranna says:

      thanks Ken…glad you liked this post. I will read your article when I get off work 😉

    • jeremylinfan says:

      Ken, I hope Michael Jordan really reads this!! I want all the people you named on the same team!!! I missed Jeffries in the earlier comment but I always remember how aggressive the is when Jeremy is around. Jerad is like a big bro to Jeremy, he is a very protective teammate, I recall one time Jeremy was fouled and Jerad immediately go after the other guy who fouled.
      And it was literally only 2 months after Jeremy joined the Knicks!! Jeremy does bond ppl around him — TEAM J LIN!!

      • Ken Peterson says:

        You’ve absolutely got it! The entire Linsanity is based on spirit! He’s carrying them into the rarefied air of ‘Brotherhood’. One for eleven, Jared kept saying, “Don’t worry about it, don’t worry about it. Wait til the 4th quarter!” During the 4th quarter, Jeremy made 10 out of 10 free throws….!
        I sent the same thing to Kobe Bryant at the LA Times and rumor has it that they’re making a big bid for him but it’s not the same thing. (Not implying my open letter to Kobe had anything to do with it but I referenced Kobe being right and all the managers wrong. Some of his friends should point that out to him.)
        I’m sending the same suggestion to Montgomery (?) Jeremy’s agent (how do I contact him?) who should be interested in negotiating for an entire team. Who has ever done a thing like that? Nobody but Jeremy Lin. He’s exceptional! (some say…)

        Who could take a team from 7-59 one year to the playoffs the next? There is absolutely not one doubt that those guys could do it? Does Jordan know that? If he knows anything about team basketball, he does.

        And what if Tyson wanted to join them? This, in my opinion, was the most fun he has had in his professional career. Annnd,… after a national championship, the Mav’s cut him. How does he feel toward the Brotherhood of Lin and playing by the Lin Rules (you steal it; you shoot it!) now? How much is Tyson’s ‘Defensive Player of the Year’ due to Jeremy? Does he know it? How about Shump?

        And the most important reason, K could go watch Jeremy play.

        Love you guys.

      • ksoranna says:

        First of all….we love you to Ken!! And LOL…I love your comment, “And the most important reason, K could go watch Jeremy play.” Because that is a VERY good reason!!

        Second of all…I am MAD at M. Jordan!! He was a great bball player…there is no denying that but he is a horrible owner!! He wasn’t even there to comment when the Bobcats didn’t get the #1 draft pick!! If he had faith in his players and his team…then maybe they would have more faith in themselves. And so what…they didn’t get the #1 pick…well at least they got the #2…now they just need to make the most of it! And if his players made it into the NBA…that means that they can at least play basketball…so Jordan needs to concentrate on building a TEAM…not making a superstar the savior of his failed team. The Bobcats need a new owner or new management or something!!

        And you are right…Lin wasn’t even drafted!! and look what he did to the Knicks and accomplished in basketball itself!! That shows you don’t need a superstar!! Who knows, the Bobcats may have their own version of Lin…a person who bonds the team and builds team spirit…but they will never discover that if NO ONE on the team has hope, they keep losing, and the fans give up on them.

        And if “Lin’s Team” came to play for the Bobcats…I would die!! I would move to Charlotte and set up my law office and advocacy work in the Bobcats stadium. Or I would apply for a position in their legal team…like every day. And if that didn’t work…I would beg to clean up the player’s locker room before, during and after the game. Or I could be his water girl…you know the person that sits behind him and hands him water when he’s on he bench. I could also be his towel girl and dry off his sweat!! And then I would come home and blog about drying off his sweat lol!

        Anyways…I have no idea how to get in touch with Jeremy’s agent…but you could try contacting someone about it through his official website:

        Let us know how that goes!!

      • Christianne says:

        Remember the articles from Harvard and the blog from his Christian group? They all pinpoint to his leadership abilities – not dictatorial or commanding, but his ability to earn the others’ trust and respect just by being who he is. I would be upset to see the Knicks broken up – but then again, I have also said that the Second Unit really plays well with each other and are better AS A UNIT than the starters (even D’Antoni thought so).

        BUT I do have a problem with the coaching. Jeremy thrives in good offense. It would be awesome if he could be coached by DAntoni again or someone with the same style.
        And I LOVE Jared Jeffries – Jeremy Obviously does, too. 😉

        Hope you all have a great day, Ladies and Gent – the weekend, too.

        • ksoranna says:

          C – can you imagine if M. Jordan “bought” the whole Knick’s bench, along with Jeremy and Tyson, and brought them to the Bobcats?! That would make the Jeremy Lin story even more epic than it already is!! Especially if they take a team with the worst standing in the NBA and turn them into a championship team!

          I honestly don’t think it will happen…but hey, more unbelievable things have come true 😀

      • Christianne says:

        Stranger things have happened this season, K! LOL
        Would that not be a sight – I have said in P&T that they should just keep Melo and trade everybody else – snarky, I know, but I was tired of all the trade talk going on.

  3. Ken Peterson says:

    What the hell… It’s me…Ken… I have no idea how….anyway

  4. Ken Peterson says:

    that post signed in as blue7053……..that was my signin for the charlotte observer….??? maybe that was some sort of carry over…..

    • ksoranna says:

      lol…i was wondering who that was…but it’s funny b/c now it shows up as Ken Peterson.

    • Christianne says:

      How many do you have? LOL

      • Ken Peterson says:

        I went into Russian Counter Intelligence as a 17 yr old Wonderkind. Six years later, i began 9 years in Vietnam. Today, if I get an email with my real name on it I break out in a cold sweat, delete the email, and mark the sender as spam. As a matter of habit, I have a separate list of names, passwords, routing numbers and accounts: in 26 bit encryption.
        (Where do you get the smiley faces? communication sans vocal inflection and facial expression seems schizophrenic…)

      • Christianne says:

        The smileys appear when you type s semi-colon, hyphen and half a parenthesis. 😉
        So Ken might not even be you real name? At least Christianne is my real first name (one of them, actually). I used to have five names, but since I became a naturalized Dane, I had to drop one of them to have enough space on my passport. Yeah, I know, sounds complicated. Besides that, I have my nickname, my usernames…how in the world do we have capacity to hide all that data and process them?
        I have to stop – it’s giving me a headache…
        Catch you later, Ken! It’s goodnight from Denmark.

  5. Ken Peterson says:

    yes but the logo has changed. Usually, in order to fix this, I just yell at someone. It’s been a while since that was a successful technique. lol

  6. Christianne says:

    Awesome! LOL

    Catch you later!

  7. ksoranna says:

    Ken…what can I say but that I like you more and more, after each of your comments 🙂 Three questions for you:
    1) would you like me to erase your last comment detailing your colorful history? (because yes, I do have the ability to do that)
    2) Are you a fellow North Carolinian? and
    3) Did you fight alongside the Montagnard people while in Vietnam? (this is the most important question)

  8. Ken Peterson says:

    I think yes on 1. thats more information than ai want out there. really, K, that templehoff stuff would still be state dept.catastrophe.
    no. Clarksburg, WV (the General’s birth place. i serviced everyone on the Mekong river. I was a senior engineering officer storing and storehousing ammo and other Hazmat all over the place from singapore to sasebo and everyplace in between. re; the upper river, we loaded (all this is CIA contracts) barges and sent them up river, armed them, negotiated with the pirates and blew one back stabbing village completely to hell.
    did I fight. not really. I was working most of the time (9 years) although i got caught in some shit from timme to time. Knnife scar on my face (he didn’t do so well) bullet hole in my a** HIP, blown up by a couple of mortors that landed on both sides of me while i was taking a walk, beutiful day, casual stroll, out of vung tao
    anything else? s;-) see that? I don’t get a smiley face.

  9. Ken Peterson says:

    Wait a minute. It is such a habit that i never mention it. the reason that im interested in jeremy is because he is evoking (?) all the attri;butes of herioc behavior with which im familiar. im one of those guys who, when everything goes completely to hell, i get cold, calm, and start humming a little song to myself. i recognize that in jeremy and timm tebow. they could be my sons. during a typhoon south east of the philippines, when we thought the ship might break up, durinng a meeting with the chief engineer and captain, the chief interrupted and said, “Maybe we should take a break. I think your people need encouragement.” the crew had gravitated to me as the guy to save the ship, the youngest, and lowest ranking officer on the ship. there was not a moments hesitation in me and never a moment during which i had any doubt. i did the same thing in Korea, da nang, seattle, ive saved a little girl in her crib with the house totally engulphed in flame, a suicide in the girders under a high bridge. on and on and on. I recognize what these guys are doing because ive done it myself. I was given a dinner at the hilton in hong kong by city offficial for some things i did.
    there……… that’s a little more of the truth. a little more honesty. some of the things that i can do or maybe that i change into when everything starts exploding are the same things that Stonewall Jackson did. It’s some kind of DNA heredity. and jeremy and tim tebow both have it.

    • Christianne says:

      LOL Typhoons are quite rare in the south-east of the Philippines – oh, heck never mind. LOL

      • Christianne says:

        Thanks for this, Ken. I said they were rare – but when they do show up, they’re quite nasty.

        Love you, too. Hope you get an awesome weekend.

      • jeremylinfan says:

        Wow!!! Ken you had some adventurous experience!! I am totally imagining a movie here while reading.
        Thanks for sharing!!! : )

        P.s. I’m trying the smiley face here, if I add a space in between the : and ) we’ll see if it shows the 🙂

      • Ken Peterson says:

        Inasmuch as you are a good lookin’ Asian chick, your comments are not to be taken lightly. So, I went back and checked.

        If we were going back to the states from Viet Nam, we would have sailed to Subic Bay to refurbish for the crossing. I would have packed my little snub-nosed 32 and taken the bus through Huk country to Quezon. From time to time, someone on the bus noticed my gun and would start yelling. The first time, it scared the hell out of me until they all began to smile and pat me on the back. Little old fat women would force food on me made out of ‘I wouldn’t hazard a guess’.

        Leaving Olongapo, we would have worked our way south east through the islands and around Luzon to the southern tip beyond which lay, not the Straits of Fernando, but the Straits of San Bernadino. In deep water, beyond the Straits, we would have assumed the great circle route to San Franciso which would have taken us not south but north east.

        South is the key here because so far, that is a somewhat safe route. Typhoons start north of the islands and run west and then north in an L shaped track. That’s where the ‘south’ comes in. They moved the typhoon that we knew about, 300 miles south and directly into our path.

      • ksoranna says:

        ok…Ken…deleting the comment you requested that I delete

      • Christianne says:

        I come from the northern part of the Philippines (west coast), so typhoons are as natural as sunlight for me. But, yes, they rarely hit south Philippines – when they do they are usually devastating, because the South is not geologically equipped (meaning they do not have a mountain range like in the north that can weaken a typhoon’s winds) to withstand strong winds like the northern part of the country.

    • jeremylinfan says:

      As a Honkie, Ken please tell me what have you done in Hong Kong? 🙂

      • ksoranna says:

        Hey J…were you able to read Ken’s history in Hong Kong yet?? I don’t want to erase it if you haven’t read it yet? (wouldn’t want Ken to do all that typing for nothing 😉

      • jeremylinfan says:

        Wow! Nothing was written in any history textbooks!! Thank you ken!!
        K, I’m done, you can press delete 🙂

      • Christianne says:

        There are A LOT of things not written in our history books – and that goes for all countries, BTW. I would rather talk with people and ask about their experiences – more interesting and more enriching. 😉

  10. Ken Peterson says:

    I didn’t say anyghing about the Montagnards. Im confident that i worked with the montagnards. there were always people who came down the river to load the barges. charlie always knew when we were there. we had extensive perimeter defenses set up and, usually, some of the spec forces would listen to me, i had people set up for as much as 2 days ahead of our arrival. often in holes in the ground, in trees, high visibility areas. getting to come down river was always a big deal and i usually kept something around, i don’t remember right now, but there were things like, i remmber, a japanese singer whose cd’s were worth there weight in gold. i’d pick them up in japan for $20 bucks and hand them out. the river people would go nuts. long time ago.

    • ksoranna says:

      You mentioned that you fought in Vietnam…and that always leads me to ask someone if they fought alongside the Montagnards. Why? Because I am Montagnard…my grandfathers, uncles, etc. fought alongside the Special Forces with many losing their lives. And it was the Special Forces and other Vietnam vets that influenced the U.S. government to open it’s borders to Montagnard refugees…myself being one of them.

      • Ken Peterson says:

        I can’t leave this just here: the montagnard’s caused some sort of extreme change in me -im not going to search for the best, etc.- im just going to tell it.
        we used to joke that the Montagnard’s were the dumbest people on earth. we didn’t mean it literally. the montagnards thought the world was flat and they never got the hang of how a compass could work on a flat earth. after traveling all through indonesia and malaynesia, you come across people who are in fact so mentally retarded they are hardly human. so this story of the Montagnards was just a joke. ok an arrogant white mans joke.
        when the whole thing came to an end, and people started settling around the world, a lot of Montagnards settled as you say in the US. And before long a story began to circulate which I couldn’t believe so I checked it out and sure as HELL one of the goddamn little Montagnard girls had WON THE US SPELLING BEE!!!!!!!!!

        You’ll have to take my word for it at this point, but i am not and never have been a prejudiced person, my dad wouldn’t have allowed it, but it is just not in my nature. So why did this completely floor me? I couldn’t believe it and when i finally found all the data and the name of the little girl, and she had won be spelling such and such a word, I was absolutly overjoyed. I have always argued that it is necessary to save everyone because the statistical probabilities say that every starvinng, dying person on earth may be the next ANYTHING and this little girl proved it. Even the “dumbest people on earth” can produce a little girl that is the best speller in the United States.
        People are absolutle equal and there is absolutely no bullshit about it.

        And, now K, I find they’ve produced you as well and I’m again, more than overjoyed. Im so happy to meet you.

      • ksoranna says:

        So I guess even you have had ignorant thoughts now and then…but I can’t blame you. Even the Vietnamese thought the Montagnards were dumb and called us “savages.” But I guess you really can’t blame them either because we were mostly uneducated but what we lacked in brains, I would like to think we made up for in courage and determination. Even if all that determination ended up being a detriment to our society. But if none of that history happened, then I wouldn’t be here…I would probably still be in some little village, uneducated, married to some farmer with 3 kids…and that sounds close to hell…so thank goodness some good came out of that awful war.

        Would you by any chance know the name or know the link to the little girl who won the spelling bee? I’ve been searching online and can’t find anything!! And I’m probably too smart and witty for my own good LOL…or at least that’s what I hear. The joke in the Montagnard community is that even if I went back to Vietnam, I still wouldn’t get a husband, because they would be wondering why a girl like me is 27, never been married, with no children…so there must be something terrible wrong with me. I just tell people all the Montagnard men are too scared to date me…which makes people even more nervous to approach me lol.

        And I’m so glad we “met” also and that you are a part of the Lin Baby discussions!! And wow…I can’t believe you gave out your email address…hope the gov’t doesn’t see that LOL!

  11. jeremylinfan says:

    Not sure if you have noticed, Lin babies, Jeremy’s family went to the Jazz game, and the Lakers game.
    In the Jazz game, at 6:10, Eric – the guy wore “The Jeremy Lin Show” tshirt, he is Jeremy’s harvard buddy. This tshirt was made back in the harvard time I think, coz you can see the Harvard logo at the back when Eric turned. And the guy sitting next to Eric pointing at him is Josh Lin 🙂
    If I recall correctly, in the Mavs game, both Shirley Lin and Josh Lin were there, they cheered for Jeremy when he had some great shots!
    And in the All Stars game, Jeremy’s parent – Shirley and Gie-ming, and his brother and sister-in-law were there. 🙂 They are a very close family!! Love them all 🙂
    By the way, very random, the hand gesture they did in Josh’s wedding, some fans say it represents JL as all 3 brothers are JL. Such a cute family.

    • Christianne says:

      J, the guy with Shirley Lin at the Mavs game was not Josh. It’s one of Jeremy’s b-ball buddies from the Bay Area. If you watch the you-tube video “A day in the life”, he’s the one who plays 3-on-3 with Jeremy.

    • ksoranna says:

      Yea, I love his family! They seem so down to earth and humble. And I read that the hand signs were for the “JL” initials also…I wonder why their parents decided to name every one with “J” names??

  12. Ken Peterson says:

    Clueless… sometimes there’s a ‘reply’ and sometimes there’s not….
    K, dear sweet K,… would you please erase that email address. I cannot for the life of me figure out why I did that except it was 4:00 in the morning. I must have been overwhelmed by angst or one of the other writer’s things. Please….. I’ll look for the little girls address.
    I read the newspaper and wrote the following:

    I was awakened in a cheap hotel, in a waterfront town by all hell breaking loose out in the hall. The light went on and my girl started a yelling conversation with the crowd outside and then started getting dressed.
    “What’s going on?”, I asked.
    Impatiently, she waved me to get dressed. “You do!”, she commanded. “You do shoes, you do shirt!”
    My voice became a little gravelly as I asked for the second time, “What’s going on?”
    “They say you come. Bad mans come. You come.”

    I thought about that as I got dressed. The war hadn’t been over long enough for a civilized social structure to exist yet. Starvation happened. Bodies were found in the streets. ‘Bad mens’ were around all the time.
    As I opened the door the racket in the hall stopped immediately. The hallway full of people turned and started down the narrow side stairs and out into the alley. I followed them out into the street and then, I understood.
    About a block away, a dozen men were standing under a single naked light bulb. They were spread out into a semi circle around a young man they had on the ground. They already had his shirt and shoes and our arrival had only momentarily disturbed them.
    This may be a little tough, I thought but there’s 20 of us,… then looking around I realized there wasn’t. I was alone and along both sides of the street dim white shapes marked my supporters as they squatted along the edge of the buildings.

    I understood immediately what had happened. They had seen what was going on, they had a meeting and discussed it, they decided that the appropriate thing to do would be to ‘get the American’. Now that they had done that, the next thing to do was to get out of his way. American’s were not gentle and someone was often hurt. It could be you.

    I wasn’t thinking about walking down a midnight street in a cheap dirt town. I was thinking about 3 brothers who landed in New York harbor on the good ship Abigal. In 1735 my forefathers arrived with no money, few tools and could barely speak the language. Two went into New York and Pennsylvania and the other went south to North Carolina. Writers tell the stories of the men who traveled west and I don’t know whether they’re talking about my forefathers or not but my forefathers were there. We have a picture of my father about the turn of the centuary in a Texas bar. He’s wearing a hat way too big for him, but I wouldn’t tell him. He has a pistol in a cross draw holster and he’s not smiling. I’m his son and I wouldn’t tell him he looks kind of silly.
    There are members of my family that would not walk down that street. Some of them are in England. Some in Brussels and Holland. Some are still in Strasberg or down in the stone poor islands. But there are none here.

    Eighty years ago, a naked black kid woke up in a dirt floor hut in east Africa. As the sun shone through the door, he watched the bugs crawl up the wall.
    “I think I’ll go to America,” he thought. So he did. He went to school when he got there, married a girl, had a child. Today the child is President of the United States. Would the child walk down that street? I don’t know. But the father damn sure would.

    You can be born in the United States and you’ll be a United States citizen. You can be born someplace else, take some tests, sign some papers and become a United States citizen. But neither being born here nor taking a test will make you an American. It’s the journey. You may not be an American when you start and you may fail. Some turn back, bodies are found in the frozen snow and the dry desert. It’s a test you can’t cheat on and even if you deserve it, you may fail. But if you pass it, people around the world will say, “We don’t know what to do. Get the American.”

    The United States is not America and all citizens are not Americans. But if you’re an American, this is the place for you. You’re my brother, you’re my sister.
    Welcome home, Anna. I’m glad you’re here.

    America needs you and the world needs America.

    • ksoranna says:

      Yep…you are definitely a writer!! So true…the United States is one of the rare places where what makes you an American is not the color of your skin or the origin of your family…but rather the commonality that everyone is free to chose their dreams and to live in a democracy. I’m glad to be here as well!

      And I deleted your email address so no worries 😉

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